Sean and I have been living in Arizona for about 2 months now. We love it so far. There are so many restaurants to try, events to go to, and places to see; we can’t wait to explore more!

Some things that we do differently from living in Southern Utah is that we have started walking a lot. Mostly because we are much closer to everything (we also don’t want to pay for parking) and we figure that by walking it cancels out the calories we are eating! Ha! Gotta get those step in, you know. However, Sean has been pushing me to ride bikes more. I am starting to like it more and more with each ride. However, it hurts my bum really really badly soooooo there’s that. So far, I haven’t wrecked and really hurt myself. But, I did hit a scooter (and kept going… I know, I know) I tried to ride without using my hands and almost plowed into Sean! He was done taking pictures after that. I tried to ride down a set of stairs and quickly thought to myself ‘Alright, this is how it ends for me’… I’m not sure why I think I’m more advanced than I am. I just get really confident and then regret what I’ve done to myself really quickly.

We have also been long boarding a lot – it’s like skateboarding – I think that’s my favorite! I did almost wreck the other day though. Sean and I started going down this ‘hill’ – it really didn’t look steep AT ALL! –  and I didn’t realize the speed was going to pick up so quickly. I started screaming at Sean for help because I knew I was about to die… or break a body part. At this point Sean was about 10 feet in front of me. He jumps off of his long board, braces himself to catch me, grabs me from my long board, my long board goes flying across the road. There were so many people watching. I thought I was going to be embarrassed, but I wasn’t. Me and Sean just hugged and laughed it off and got back on our boards. I am expecting to have at least one broken bone in 2019 – hopefully it’s not anything on the upper part of my body because I work with my hands a lot.

On a different note, I have been doing so many fun things with my hair lately. I’m so proud of myself! If you have been following my journey you know I am obsessed with my Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions  I wear the color Butterscotch

Side note: I haven’t wore a bow in my hair since I was baby. My mom used to glue bows to my head because I didn’t really get hair until I was 3, also so that people would know I was a girl <3

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