Hi! My name is Cara Ostara! [Car-Uh O-star-uh] and this is my soul identifying journey! A quick story of why I left my career of a decade, sold my ideal home, and gave away two-thirds of what I owned so I could live in a van down by the river. Kidding, I traded my 1,800 sq ft Old Louisville (Kentucky) home for a 24 ft Class C Motorhome.


I worked for Amazon for 10 years and wore a number of hats. I started at age 18 when the company was still Zappos. I survived the great Amazon transition of 2012. I was promoted 5 times, and my total compensation was some where around 90k when I walked away from it all. That career enabled me to create an identity for myself. It gave me power, confidence, the ability to deal with stressful situations, how to be a leader and not a boss, and to effectively communicate. It also helped me purchase 2 homes, provide for my family, vacations twice a year, cars, 3 closets, 2 shelves of coffee mugs, and a ton of other things I thought I needed to be a happy human. I didn’t start to feel my Ceiling Of Unhappiness meter until 2016.

My gypsy journey started In September of 2018. I had planned a 4 day pleasure road trip in California to kick start what was actually to be a work trip. During my 4 day road trip I drove from San Diego to LA. I slept in a travel trailer in Yosemite, ate wild dove outside of my Yurt in San Miguel, and had cappuccino on the back patio of a mansion with an Italian artist in Laguna Hills. You could say the first 4 days of my ‘work trip’ were life changing. But, back to the beginning.

Of course, I did nothing about it. Because, that is what life is about: You grow up, work hard, make a little money, get promoted, work harder, buy a house and things, then work even harder to pay for your things, take anti-depressant medication, take a vacation, go back to work and now you have to make up for the time you were gone, get a therapist, have some wine, pat yourself on the back, and get back to work! Towards the end of my Amazon journey I had no passion, energy, or purpose. My soul, creativity, and heart had been drained. After I returned from my road trip in September of 2018 I cried everyday in my office to start the day with a bang. Eventually, I got physically sick, visited a therapist and a financial advisor, and started working on the plan to change my life.

At the end of September I had no clue what the change would look like but I also knew I couldn’t stay where I was. Long story short, I gave my 2 week notice and walked out of Amazon for the last time on November 30th, 2018. I had a contract on my home within 30 days of listing it, and was able to start my RV journey the 2nd week of January 2019. Obviously, it was not that easy but for the sake of your reading pleasure we will keep it at that!

Since January I have driven over 15,000 miles, set up camp in 14 states, visited 5 national parks, and learned how to wrap my pipes and tanks in single digit temps. My goals in 2019 are to flourish while I am alone, learn different trades and skills, remember how to live again, and help and encourage others! Encouraging others to take care of their mind, sanity, and spirit. To help them realize self care is important and that we only have one chance to live this life beautifully. Even if you have to put your ‘suppose to’ life on hold, do it! Stop, close your eyes, breathe, and start working on your plan.

Xoxo, Cara





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