HI! I’M TIFF! & I’M HONESTLY SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU. I’m the creator, owner, and CEO of Settlement Boutique. It’s my little slice of heaven and hopefully soon to be yours too 😉 I wanted to create a place for bad ass babes like you to come and be your FREAKING authentic self. A place where being weird is celebrated, wearing rainbow sweaters is encouraged, and where there’s never a shortage on good vibes.

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I have always loved online boutique shopping. I literally live for expressing myself through clothing and accessories and I promise you, the worst feeling was shopping to spend money on “trendy” outfits yet, still never feeling like myself. That’s when I knew Settlement had to happen. I get weird looks sometimes when people ask “what does your boutiques name mean?” or “What do you get from a lawsuit?”


Settlement: A place where people establish a community. A community where souls come together to shop for clothes that make you feel like YOU. A community where no one has to be afraid to be themselves. I am so proud of that. That’s exactly what I wanted to create.


Standing out in a sea of online boutiques isn’t easy. It’s definitely been the most challenging part of my business. That’s where my favorite word comes back into play: AUTHENTICITY. Showing up as the real me for you. Offering clothes and accessories that I know will raise your vibes promoting self-care. No restocks, ever. Growing this girl gang authentically. Offering a girl power mentality. I only want to attract the best things to my business, FOR YOU!


Girl power is a passion of mine, so needless to say being a GIRL BOSS and CEO of my life was never not an option. I was always called bossy growing up. Maybe a product of being the oldest child, who knows? It always had a negative connotation attached to it as if it were a bad thing to know what I wanted and take a natural leadership role in life? ( In case you haven’t figured it out I’m 100% true Virgo). I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 6 years. On every performance review there was always something thrown in there stating in some politically correct way that I was bossy.  It wasn’t until I started my spiritual journey and got in touch with me, the real me, that I knew being bossy was one of the best traits I had to offer the world.

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Once I accepted that, it was like everything else fell into place. My bossiness drives my CEO mentality and passion to bring you clothes that make you feel like YOU. My true authentic self has allowed all the right things to be attracted into my life. Settlement being one of them. I literally morphed into a BOSS B****.  Three years later and I’ve grown my little nugget with nothing but love, positive vibes, a little blood, sweat, and some serious tears.

The hustle is real and never ending when you own your own business. Sure, you can make every schedule in the world, go on vacation, have date night with your boo. But CEO brain NEVER shuts off. That’s a daily internal battle. Just being present. It literally becomes your child. Your cat. Your dog. Your lizard. What ever type of mom you are, you can relate. No matter what its always in the back of your mind.

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Want to know what sounds even crazier? I don’t have to ask permission to go on vacation! If I want to take a nap at my desk I go for it. And, I get to connect with rad babes like you every day! So, being CEO and constantly having CEO brain really isn’t so bad. It actually is THE BEST THING in the world.

The moral of this story is to take some time to look inside your self. Figure out the real you, not the label attached to you. If there’s a quality about yourself you’ve been put down about, really figure out how to make it a POSITIVE. I promise you have it for a reason. If there’s a business you’ve been dreaming about opening, OPEN IT! This is your sign.

Xx. Tiff.




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