Hello friends! My name is Shari Tammietti (I know, it’s a mouth full. Shh-Are-Ee Tamm-Ee-Ett-Ee) I am a Master Esthetician, Esthetics Instructor and Creator of Skin Soul Retreat. Because I am an instructor I’m unable to simply introduce myself, I haaave to sneak some sort of educational content in. So, keep reading for a little bit about me AND a few knowledge nuggets. 😉

I attended school a little over three years ago at The Skin Institute in St. George, Utah. (Which is where I met The Desert Babe herself, Morgan, my estie bestie!) In school I loved learning all the different treatments of course, but what really interested me was the business side of things. I really liked all the entrepreneurial options that came with being an esthetician. My parents have been self-employed pretty much my whole life, and previous to esthetics I owned a clothing and accessory shop in my hometown. I really enjoyed running my own business and saw the potential to do the same thing with an esthetics license! Nugget #1: Usually your end goal has more than one path to get you there. Don’t get discouraged if it seems like your path has changed.

After graduation I was offered a scholarship for the Student Instructor Program. Teaching wasn’t really something I thought I would end up doing, but I was excited to stick around and be apart of the “learning environment”. Turns out I LOVE TEACHING!! My favorite thing about being an instructor is helping each of my students find their place in this big beauty world. If it wasn’t for being in that education mind set I don’t think I would have given the retreat idea a second thought!

Nugget #2: Say YES to every opportunity that comes your way, even if it isn’t part of your original plan

Skin Soul Retreat was an idea I had after I had spent some time looking for continued education classes for estheticians. I was having a really hard time finding classes that weren’t taught by skin care lines, product manufactures, or equipment sales reps. I wanted JUST the education, not the sales pitch. I also noticed a gap in the type of classes that were available. I wanted actual hands on training, that wasn’t eyelash extensions and business strategies that were specific to beauty business professionals. I knew I wanted to combine all these practical skills into a yoga-esque retreat. That’s how it grew from there! So, I book a trip to Tulum, Mexico to find the perfect location for hosting Skin Soul. Here are a couple of photos from the resort I landed on.

Nugget #3: If you have an idea, but it’s not quite complete that’s ok! Run with it! Keep brainstorming, bounce ideas off your supportive co-workers and peers. It just might evolve into something really great.

A funny thing happens when you decide to take action on an idea. The self doubt starts to creep in! For me the self doubt said crazy things like: “Who am I to do this?!?” “Someone else could do this so much better than me!” and last, but not least, “What if it is a total failure and everyone hates me after!?” (insert eye rolling emoji here!) It took time and practice to learn how to silence those absurd thoughts. In fact, I’m still practicing! Before I turn this into a motivational speech I’ll leave you with one last nugget and a quote I found during a particularly difficult day trying to quiet the self doubt. “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will” –  Suzy Kassem


Nugget #4: You are completely capable of any amazing idea that pops in your brilliant mind! On the very possible chance you don’t get there the first time you try. TRY AGAIN. “Failure” isn’t the worst thing that can happen to us.

Thanks for stopping by! If you are a fellow esthetician follow along @skinsoulretreat for more info on our upcoming educational retreat! Send any questions to me or Morgan and we will do a part two!





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