How is it already April of 2019?! I hope that everyone is pleased with how their year has been spent so far. Maybe you have accomplished some New Year resolution, or at least headed in that direction?! Have you had any lows? Are you searching for the positives? Let me know in the comment section down below.

As for me, I am kind of coasting through the year. If you have been following along you know that I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in December. I haven’t gotten a new job because my professional license is active in Arizona yet. I take a Sanitation and Law class at the end of this month (hopefully- if they have all my paperwork gathered) and then I can start pushing my resume out to spas. I’m an esthetician if you are new to the blog. I’m still licensed in Utah so I am still working a few days a month. Also, I don’t plan on leaving that spa job in Utah. I’m switching my schedule around so I’m only making that 5 hour drive (one way) once a month (working 4 days in a row). I love my job there and am not ready to give it up! Hopefully I will have two jobs this summer and keep up with the blog and Instagram! My goal is to have 4 collaborations this year 🙂

I’ve been hitting the gym consistently lately and starting to feel like the better version of myself that I once was. I feel healthy! I haven’t really worked out since running the Saint George Marathon a few years ago. It literally made me sick to even think about working out after the race was over. ( fyi: I ran that marathon in memory of my Papaw Billy. We had a bet that I couldn’t beat his best time (although he would have LOVED if I did) He died about a month into my training. After taking some time to grieve I laced up my shoes and finished that race for the both of us. It was the only race I have ever competed in!! How crazy is that? No 5k, 10k, nothing. I trained with a team of runners though. It helped me out so much!) Sean and I wake up everyday between 6:20-6:30 and go to the gym for one hour to get our day started. Summer bod 2019 here I come!

The pics that I am using for this post today are from a new adventure that I am apart of. Me and my friend SHARI have been organizing an EDUCATIONAL GET AWAY for professionals in the esthetician industry. There will be hands on training, and educational lectures about different aspects of the industry. I am so fortunate to have a friend like her! I told Sean that I needed to take these photos and he said ‘Well, I’m starving so let’s be quick!’ and this is what we got, haha! The lighting was changing so much that day from the moving clouds that it was hard to color correct. Hope you like them!

My hair has been topic of conversation a lot lately! I’ve been creating these waves with my hair extensions and a little bit of heat. Using heat on my hair is a big deal to me. I stopped using heat about 2 years ago and just started back up last month. I was also trimming my hair in the bathroom the last two years. I just wanted healthy hair so I stopped using heat and color. Speaking of healthy hair… I’m actually wanting to chop it all off!! I want about shoulder length hair. I have a lot of split ends and frizz. But I’m so torn because I know as soon as it’s gone I’ll be thinking ‘What the hell did I just do?‘ I know it grows back though, so what’s the big deal? Right? And I have never experienced an Arizona summer… sooooo I’m not sure if I want all this hair on my head in 115 degree weather. I’m currently looking for a hair stylist in the Phoenix/ Tempe/ Scottsdale area for a scalp treatment (I feel like I have product build up) and a cut/ style. Wish me luck on this never ending topic that Sean is tired of talking about 😂

One last thing: I am feeling a new vibe for summer 2019. A new color scheme, style, clothing. (Also why I am wanting to cut my hair) I just feel like being in this new space is an opportunity to venture out on being different. Plus, I am feeling new energies about myself that have been developing for quite some time now, so I just need to trust that, be weird and express myself through my style. I love my t shirt and jean days, don’t get me wrong, but I am tired of feeling uninspired when I go into my closet every morning. Here is my logic: I wear black leggings and a black smock to work. I don’t need anymore professional clothing ( I have a few options) I should be spending money on clothes that I can express myself in when I’m not at work. And although black is always in style I should feel authentic at all times

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