Hi! My name is Kim Phillips.  I make a conscious choice of being a very busy woman in the kitchen. Why? Because I believe it’s one of the most important jobs I can do for myself & my family. I’ve raised three good kids and now only have a 17 year old left at home. Besides being a wife and mother, I am an occasional pool gal (helping with my husbands pool company) a Death Doula, an energy healer, and an artist of roadkill (that’s a conversation for a different page!) There are many other things I enjoy in my life but the most powerful thing I can contribute to others is teaching that you really CAN heal yourself. My “job” is working in my kitchen. By creating wholesome organic foods & products at home, I know that our minds and bodies are healthy. From herbal teas and kombucha to Sourdough bread and homemade skin care- THIS kitchen is our medicine cabinet.

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Did you know you have a powerful antibiotic in your kitchen? Garlic! There are so many proven medical benefits of garlic and one of the best known is to boost the function of the immune system. Remember to always crush the garlic and let it to sit for 10 minutes before adding it to the pan to cook. That triggers a reaction that boosts the healthy compounds in garlic. Add it to the END of your cooking so you don’t kill all the healing properties. I make large batches of garlic tincture every year to get us through the cold & flu season. 

Another staple in our home is Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea that is rich in probiotics and antioxidants, which benefit the brain, heart and gut. The healthy bacteria found in kombucha and your digestive tract absorb nutrients and fight sickness. 80 percent of the immune system is located in the gut and the gut is considered the second largest part of the nervous system after the brain. That means promoting gut health is critical. One way to do that is by drinking kombucha regularly, which can help support a good immune system and overall health. 

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Every week I make Sourdough bread which is more nutritious than regular bread. Sourdough is a prebiotic which helps to support the gut microbiome. The long fermentation process that occurs with making this bread helps to make digestion easier. 

When I began learning more about the chemicals we don’t want IN our bodies through processed foods, I realized that the same applies to what we put ON our bodies as well. That began my quest of making all of our skin care products including deodorant, lotions, eye creams, chapstick and laundry detergent. Knowing that the products we put on our skin are free of chemicals & toxins brings peace of mind. It really isn’t difficult to begin either! There are so many resources online to begin making something as simple as your own deodorant. That alone can make a difference and will lead you to making other healthy decisions for yourself and your family. Choosing the kitchen as my office had paid off. The healthy meals I provide create better health, which reduces sickness & money spent on doctor’s visits. For us, it’s like a health insurance.

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