Hello! I’m Kattie Hart and I want to change the world through Humanitarian service and spa service! 🙂 

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist, graduating from the Skin Institute in St George, UT for about a year now, and I am very passionate about this industry! I have been blessed with many freedoms because of my education and owning my own business. There are financial freedoms, seriously the feeling of my first adult paycheck almost made me cry. Time freedoms, I have spent weeks in Mexico and The Dominican Republic since graduation and I am in love with traveling! But, the biggest freedom is founding Jilok (pronounced Hill•Oak) Massage Therapy. It released me from my old self and self doubt. Here is that story:

Part of my journey started in a small trailer park in Arkansas several years ago, I was always looked down on for my families socioeconomic status. We didn’t have a lot of money due to my family’s lifestyle choices, and I didn’t have a lot of confidence because of it. I was expected to be barefoot and pregnant by 16 and wait tables at the local Waffle House until I was 102. That was the norm for a lot of my family and most of my community. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with honest work in the waffle business- I just wanted something more/different. Luckily, I had a very encouraging mother that pushed me to excel in my education, and when I was 15 I had a life changing opportunity that brought me to Utah a year later. 

Fast forward three years later; I was about 19. I was visiting Guatemala for a 10 week humanitarian retreat. And I fell in love! My love for Guatemala, it’s people, and for the self-care industry sparked the development of Jilok Massage Therapy.

Six months before this vision came forth I returned home from an incredible 18 month spiritual journey in the great state of Oregon. I had fallen in love quickly  after my time in Oregon and gave up a scholarship at my dream school to get married. I felt a little lost giving up my scholarship until I found The Skin Institute and a door opened to massage therapy, I didn’t have much else to do- but I had to find SOMETHING to do. So I started. I was hesitant. I didn’t see the future. I did not know how far I could go with a trade program. Now, I am forever grateful for The Skin Institute and the high quality education I received there. I was hooked immediately! I had found my life’s work.

However, those 8 months of school were the hardest of my life. I found myself at 21 and in a marriage I did not want to be in. I began my separation just one month before graduation. It was miserable. But, I knew that I had found my God-given talent and purpose. I had to push forward with it. I couldn’t quit on Jilok. It was given to MY heart, not someone else’s. It was mine. And that kept me going. I remember how I didn’t give up when I was 15 and the odds were against me in a drug filled trailer park in Arkansas. I pressed forward when doors were slammed in my face and people offered to release their dogs on us in Oregon. I pressed forward when my daddy died of cancer when I was 5 years old. I pressed forward  when I moved to Utah at 16 with $40 and two duffle bags. There was no way in Hell I would give up on a dream that was given to me from Heaven. A divorce was not going to stop me. A bad day was not going to stop me. A dead car and moving in to my grandparents basements and quitting my job and depression and anxiety were not going to stop me. Although, I felt a little slowed down I pressed on and I graduated, got my massage license, and on a whim started my own business. I also got a divorce. That trial taught me so much, even about business. My divorce simultaneously made me become the most independent I have ever been, while also allowing myself to rely heavily on the goodness of others. Jilok is all mine, but it’s not possible without the other good people like clients, therapist, instructors, my family and friends, wonderful estheticians and the good people of Guatemala.

Jilok gave me freedom from my old self and self doubt because I was no longer some struggling youth, not just some sad young divorcee. Jilok and my career in massage therapy has given me the confidence to blossom into an educated leader, a talented massage therapist, a light to other women. I am so grateful for my journey and all of the hard parts that pushed me to grow up and glow up. I am thrilled to share now what my vision is with Jilok Massage Therapy:

My vision with Jilok is to lead a humanitarian spa retreat in Coban, Guatemala! THIS FALL! And for years to come! I believe massage therapy and skin care is best given from the heart not the hand, and that is exactly what this retreat is about! 

So, if you want to get away for a week this year or next and spend time feeding your body and your spirit let me know! I believe that our souls expand when we serve others, and our bodies can heal and find rest as we treat ourselves to massage and skin therapy. Each morning we will rise with the sun and the natives to practice yoga and meditation. Our days will be filled with varying service projects helping the most grateful and humble people. There will be breathtaking waterfalls and excursions, and each night we will come back to enjoy a facial, a massage, or a body treatment!

This retreat is for couples, singles, families, and friends. Ages 18-108! 🙂 We would love to spend a week in paradise with you 



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