You guys! I got the amazing privilege to collaborate with Shop Settlement again. And this outfit is something that I really took my time planning out! Tiffany got these new painter style overalls at her store and at first I was nervous that they would be too long for me so we talked about the measurements and I said ‘SOLD’. While waiting for my package I prepped my skin with self tanner (LOL) and volunteered Sean to take my photos. If you don’t know much about Shop Settlement you can check the brand out HERE 

Also, HAPPY MAY! I hope that everyone’s year has been great so far! May has five weeks so you’ll have extra time to get your goals accomplished this month, at least that’s the way I like to look at it. I want to share some of my goals with you. Making my goals public pushes me to be more motivated to get it done, so here we go 🙂

GOAL ONE: Get the best birthday body that I can. That’s right, it’s my birthday month!!! And it’s on the 29th so I have the whole month to really push myself. (I’m also vacationing in Canada in July so this will give me a head start for that as well) Three weeks ago Sean and I started working out on week days beginning at 6:30am. During the second week we were putting together a lot of furniture for the house so we took it pretty easy in the gym. But, we are back in the gym now. Today was leg day and I was literally squatting and say “I’m going to have the best birthday body” on every exhale. Whatever works, right!? I’ve always been pretty petite, however I don’t always feel healthy which means I’m going to have to be more selective with food. I’m also playing soccer once a week and I know that will help me as well.

GOAL TWO: Embrace the parts that make me ME! I made an INSTAGRAM post about when I was a kid I hated the dimples on my cheeks simply because everyone else loved them. How crazy does that sound? And sometimes I still get mad because they will make my makeup crease, but how First World Problems is that?! They didn’t stop me from smiling as a kid, but from now on when someone compliments me about them I will smile and say ‘thank you, I love them too!’ Something else I want to embrace are the veins I have on my thighs. Well, I just don’t want to be shy about them anymore I guess is what I’m trying to say. I don’t really like to wear shorts because I just end up putting my hands there to cover them and then I have to hear Sean reinforce that I’m beautiful. (For some reason he always knows when I’m doing that) Which is sweet, but you know… I knew a girl who looked like a super model, but she grew to fast for her skin and got stretch marks all around her hips. You never know what makes someone insecure, so always be kind.

GOAL THREE: I really want to… NO… I am going to be on top of the tasks that others require from me. When I was in college there was a study that came out that said athletes do better in class during their season, rather than doing better on their off season when they have more time to focus on class work because they don’t have games or as many practices. And that has, and I think will always stick with me. I’m the same way. If I have a week to do something I tend to wait until the last day for no reason other than ‘I have all week to do this’ But, if I have a really busy week ahead of me, I’m getting everything done!  Athletes don’t have time to fall behind in class when in season because it’s too much risk. It would take too much time to have to make up the work, (and possibly mean they have to miss a practice). If their grades slip that means they can’t play. Moral of this story: Get It Done! (because if you don’t, people might not want to work with you. You’re not dependable).

GOAL FOUR: Express myself through my clothing more. I wear a lot of black because of work. And I know that black will never go out of style; I just want to purchase more items that are fun for summer.


Thank you for all the love you show!

Xx, Morgan

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