Guys, I did it! I chopped my hair! And I am so happy! I had been debating for 3 months and Sean was soooo tired of having this conversation. I was consistently asking him ‘what do you think of her hair? You think my hair would look good at that length?’  And Sean eventually told me to stop talking about it because he didn’t believe that I would do it. But, after looking at my Before and After pictures I’m thinking How did I not do this sooner… look at my ends!!! 

Since moving to Tempe I have had to look for a new person everything: Hair stylist, nail tech (when I actually decide to do my nails), spa to work at. And I was so determined to get my hair to a healthy state that I couldn’t wait any longer. I went to Instagram to search for a stylist in the area that I thought could achieve the look I was going for. Instagram isn’t all click bate you know, ASHLEYPAIGECOLLECTIVE is who I found and I won’t be changing hair stylists anytime soon. She really achieved the look I was going for, got all the information she needed from me asap, and asked me all the right questions. Being in the Service Provider Industry myself – esthetician – has taught me so much about respecting others who are in the beauty bizz. I really love the way she spent time with me and not just cut my hair.

I would also like to add that I DID NOT KNOW MY HAIR WAS BROWN! I know that sounds crazy but I have been blonde all my life! I guess I was in denial. The week before my appointment ASHLEY  asked me to take some photos of my hair to send to her, so naturally I voluntold (lol) Sean to take my photos and I made him take several because I wasn’t understanding why in the pictures my hair was coming out so brown and Sean was like ” Um, your hair has been brown for a long time Morgan. ” …What does he know anyway. I knew my hair was getting darker the older I’m getting but I feel like when I go to update my drivers license soon I have to say I’m brunette. Both of my parents were born blonde/white and so was I, I guess it was a matter of time. And if you have been keeping up with my journey you know that I haven’t (and don’t plan on) had color in my hair for a few years.

On a second note, y’all know I am terrified to live my first summer in Phoenix, Arizona! So this is just another reason why I’m glad I got my hair cut. It’s been SO easy to deal with!! I’m not sure if I will keep it this short past summer, but I do know that not having hair on my neck this summer will be so great! In my MAY GOALS POST  I talked about new goals that I want to achieve but I was hiding this one because I didn’t want to set myself up haha


What do you think of short hair in general? Do you like it? I feel like I will never be able to get it exactly like Ashley did it, but I’m going to keep trying. She used heat, which I don’t love to do so we’ll just see. I go back and fourth about the hair flipping out at the bottom. What do you think? I think once it grows a little and relaxes it will be fine. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t. But, I’m going to keep playing around with it, I want to try braids. I think two french braid with an edgy outfit would look really cute. Ashley curled it a little in my After Photos and I loved that! Another thing that I am having to remind myself is to not use as much shampoo and conditioner in the shower because there isn’t a lot of hair to clean now. There might be something to this short hair, after all I am saving money on hair care products! Except I did buy leave in conditioner from Ashley because I know how important it is to make your retail sales. (My Boss Babe mentality is always on)

ASHLEY does a lot of work in the beauty community for the Phoenix area so you need to follow her! She’s super edgy, family oriented, and talented <3



Top and necklace


Makeup – Mostly Morphe

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