Every year for the past three years Sean and I go to Moab, Utah (that’s where Arches and Canyon Lands National Parks are) We don’t go for the parks; we go because one of Sean’s favorite hobbies is taking the Jeep out into the mountains. Moab has some of the best off roading paths out there, some of them that we both refuse to go on ever again (we’ve learned some lessons through all of our trips) There was a first for us this year: we stayed in a condo instead of in our tents. Our condo was SO CUTE! It was decorated like a little cottage that paid tribute to the historic vibes of the area. I was in love! We were there with another couple and had such a great time just being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Throughout the weekend I took series of photos in the condo and bundled them together on my Instagram Stories. I used the Unfold app. It was so much fun! I feel like this gives your IG stories something special and makes people slow their thumb down when going though IG Stories. We had coffee every morning and watched movies by the fire place at night. Other than that we were not even at the condo that much. The trails take a long time to get through and Sean was leading about 25 Jeeps that weekend of semi/ un-experienced jeepers (so that took an extra long time! ) He loved doing it though!

Here is the second and third series of the condo. it features the style of furniture and decor. It was such a mood being there. The apartment that Sean and I are at is very modern and minimal so it was nice to come back to a different environment every night. The furniture reminded me a lot of my parents house. They have little bear statues in their living room and flower bed. They also have artwork featuring different species of deer on the walls. In our room there were pictures of a fox family and I wanted to get photos of it so badly. But, the glare from all the windows kept me from doing that. One of my favorites is the corner chair! It was so cozy to sit in. Definitely something you don’t see often in houses.

The decor in the house was a tribute to the Native American culture from that area. It wasn’t too overwhelming though, the owners did a great job adding in the little details. I also LOVED the look out door in the front door! That is something else you don’t see much of. I probably opened it 20 times that weekend for fun haha. Now days, they don’t make peep whole low enough on the door for me to see out of, pretty sure that why I was obsessed with the look out door – because I could actually look out of it! Haha


If you have been keeping up with my blog or Instagram you know that I love Shop Settlement clothing and the mantra behind Tiffany’s brand. Here is one of the latest items I got. I wore it the first day of fall. It was the perfect top for coffee in the morning and a relaxing in the cottage until afternoon.


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