First trip of 2020 is in the books! It was quick but fun. Left out from Phoenix on a Friday night and came back Sunday night. We stayed in San Fran at the Hotel Whitcomb on Market Street (they just turned that street into a no regular traffic zone which was nice). We went to Sam Fran because Sean’s daughter had a couple of dance auditions. While she was doing her thing, we walked around mostly and visited the Asian Art Museum near Union Park.

Our hotel was boutique / antique style. I was OBSESSED!





The hotel had it’s own little cafe area with a lot of seating. Both mornings we had coffee and muffins and played games that were in the lobby. And the second floor was a mezzanine, such a great space to look down below and admire the light and layout of the lobby. The fitness room was also in the mezzanine, we only went in there to refill our waters haha

Our room was right outside of the hotel sign, which I thought was cool. Our view was looking out toward the library and Market street.

We had a few hours to go visit the Asian Art Museum. And I’m so happy that we decided to go in! We almost didn’t. The first time we went the security guard told us we could bring our drinks in with us so we decided to walk around, drop off our drinks at the hotel and then circle back around. What we should have done is throw those drinks right in the trash because the museum was amazing and we didn’t have enough time to see everything. We ended up only getting through half of it and were really bummed about it!! There are so many pictures that I took inside but I don’t want to spoil all the fun. Enjoy!


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