Ever since moving to Arizona I am obsessed with wanting to have guests over at the apartment. Call me lonely, I call it wanting to be hospitable 😅 This weekend my aunts are coming to visit with me and Sean. They have been on a 10 day west coast road trip and are ending vacation with us. How amazing is that!! I wanted to make the apartment nice ( I think everyone gets that way when having company over) But, I wanted to do something more than just the normal cleaning up.

I got these different types of eucalyptus to hang the second bathroom. And I am IN LOVE with the results. It wasn’t hard and it was really nice to express a bit of creativity. Not to mention my place SMELLS. SO. GOOD. I pulled out my Christmas/ gifting box to decide on the ribbons that I wanted and bam, a masterpiece. I loved it so much I made one for the master bathroom as well. Cue the relaxation, sinus decongestion, and aromatherapy!

I think the next time we have guests I’ll ask ahead of time what their two favorite flowers are, that way I can do this again and make it personalized for that guest.

How cute is this?! It only took me about 45 minutes to get both of them just the way I wanted. They should last about three or four days.


  1. It turned out so amazing and smelled simple amazing. Thank you for the thoughtful gesture it was so cool and smelled wonderful. I’m planning on doing this in our shower I loved it so much.

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