Hi! My name is Kim Phillips.  I make a conscious choice of being a very busy woman in the kitchen. Why? Because I believe it’s one of the most important jobs I can do for myself & my family. I’ve raised three good kids and now only have a 17 year old left at home. Besides being a wife and mother, I am an occasional pool gal (helping with my


Hello! I’m Kattie Hart and I want to change the world through Humanitarian service and spa service! 🙂  I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist, graduating from the Skin Institute in St George, UT for about a year now, and I am very passionate about this industry! I have been blessed with many freedoms because of my education and owning my own business. There are financial freedoms, seriously the feeling


HI! I’M TIFF! & I’M HONESTLY SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU. I’m the creator, owner, and CEO of Settlement Boutique. It’s my little slice of heaven and hopefully soon to be yours too 😉 I wanted to create a place for bad ass babes like you to come and be your FREAKING authentic self. A place where being weird is celebrated, wearing rainbow sweaters is encouraged, and where there’s never


Hello friends! My name is Shari Tammietti (I know, it’s a mouth full. Shh-Are-Ee Tamm-Ee-Ett-Ee) I am a Master Esthetician, Esthetics Instructor and Creator of Skin Soul Retreat. Because I am an instructor I’m unable to simply introduce myself, I haaave to sneak some sort of educational content in. So, keep reading for a little bit about me AND a few knowledge nuggets. 😉 [one_half padding=”10px 20px 0 0″] [/one_half]


FINDING YOUR TRUE SELF Hi! My name is Cara Ostara! [Car-Uh O-star-uh] and this is my soul identifying journey! A quick story of why I left my career of a decade, sold my ideal home, and gave away two-thirds of what I owned so I could live in a van down by the river. Kidding, I traded my 1,800 sq ft Old Louisville (Kentucky) home for a 24 ft Class