S A N F R A N, 2020

First trip of 2020 is in the books! It was quick but fun. Left out from Phoenix on a Friday night and came back Sunday night. We stayed in San Fran at the Hotel Whitcomb on Market Street (they just turned that street into a no regular traffic zone which was nice). We went to Sam Fran because Sean’s daughter had a couple of dance auditions. While she was doing


My New Beauty Tip: When covering pimples I always use a spot of concealer, but it doesn’t really cover the texture of the pimple- only the redness. So, what I’ve been trying lately is to use a little brow pencil to make it look like a freckle. Freckles are in this year so why not try it for myself!? After I apply the brow pencil to the spot I will


SHORT HAIR & READY FOR SUMMER   Guys, I did it! I chopped my hair! And I am so happy! I had been debating for 3 months and Sean was soooo tired of having this conversation. I was consistently asking him ‘what do you think of her hair? You think my hair would look good at that length?’  And Sean eventually told me to stop talking about it because he didn’t


You guys! I got the amazing privilege to collaborate with Shop Settlement again. And this outfit is something that I really took my time planning out! Tiffany got these new painter style overalls at her store and at first I was nervous that they would be too long for me so we talked about the measurements and I said ‘SOLD’. While waiting for my package I prepped my skin with


BEAUTY & THE RED SET I was supposed to be running errands. But going out for food and drink was the better idea. Here are some pictures taken from the other night. Enjoy! Hair: Conair 3 barrel iron and my ride or die BareFoot Blonde Hair Extensions Makeup: Most of it is from Morphe but I’ll name some of the big stuff below Brushes – MorpheXJaclyn Eyeshadow- Jaclyn Hill Pallet  Brows-


We moved to Arizona and then it snows! Me and Sean just had to get out and see for ourselves! And as a bonus we got to see beautiful waterfalls from all the snow run-off. It’s always great to get out and go exploring for the day. We didn’t know exactly where we were going to end up on this day ( that’s always the best part!) and it turns


Sean and I have been living in Arizona for about 2 months now. We love it so far. There are so many restaurants to try, events to go to, and places to see; we can’t wait to explore more! Some things that we do differently from living in Southern Utah is that we have started walking a lot. Mostly because we are much closer to everything (we also don’t want


STYLE OF THE DAY  SHOP SETTLEMENT & BAREFOOT BLONDE HAIR Thanks for dropping in my little piece of the world today! I did an INSTAGRAM LIVE  about my outfit the other day, but wanted to share it here so that you may refer back to it if you want to 🙂 My earrings and top are from Shop Settlement. The earrings, I have paired with multiple different styles of outfits: casual->


I thought that I would share some photos with you that I took while hiking with a great friend of mine Cara  She is traveling the United States the entire year of 2019. She literally sold all of her belongings, quit her job, and bought an RV. You should def follow her journey because she is a force to be reckoned with! It’s only January and she has already met


Since the move I haven’t had a lot of motivation to ‘do anything’ with myself. (Also, my mom made a comment about how I never do my hair sooo) Sean and I decided to go spend a day exploring Tempe, Arizona. And dang it, I did something with myself. Ironically enough, this is a sweater that my mom got me for Christmas. It’s from American Eagle. And I LOVE it!


Holy crap a lot has been going on! And I wanted to share with you, my online family. Sean got a new job and we have moved from Saint George, UT to Tempe, AZ! It all happened so fast! I’m glad that I am getting out of my comfort zone more and more every day. The apartment we got is beautiful and meets all of our needs. Well almost, I


A few months ago Sean and my Dad surprised me by flying my Dad in to spend a week with me! It was the best- and much needed!! The three of us took a day trip to Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, and then took the long way home. Here are some photos of Souther Utah from that day… There really isn’t anything quite like a sunset in Southern Utah!