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Another GREAT mini vacation to Moab, Utah. It’s one of Sean’s favorite spots to camp at. However, it’s not the ordinary camping location. Most of the camping is built around the town, so you have the option to cook food at your camp site or go get food. It may seem more like ‘glamping’ and not real camping, but there are so many signature restaurants and cafés that we love

Shooting For Air Brush Tanning by Natalie

Shooting For Air Brush Tanning by Natalie What a fun weekend I had at Lake Powell, Arizona! I really needed the weekend to just get away from everything. I was telling Sean, my bf, that it felt nice to not glance over and see my backpack or laundry because… I don’t about you, but the older I get the more I ‘have to get things done’ so I know that

My Latest Skin Care Obsession

Image Skin Care In May of 2017 I started exploring a new skin care line called Image. This is the brand my esthetics school, The Skin Institute, uses. OMGEEE you guys, I love it so much! I’m about to lay down some serious sass (you see what I did there? ) about the benefits of Image and why you should have gotten your hands on some yesterday! There are several different lines

Wax Modalities

Wax Modalities Esthetician school had been absolutely satisfying. I have been learning SOOO much (which I feel like I will be repeating a lot lol) and can’t help but to share with you! Here are some fun things I have been learning about in school 🙂 Egyptian tombs, indicate that abrasive materials such as pumice stones were used to rub away hair.  (Greek and Roman women used similar methods) Native American

Learning Everyday

Learning Everyday Being in esthetics school means that I am learning something new everyday- things I didn’t even know existed! Here are some random fun facts from this week at school: Ten healthy habits for the skin: Avoid sun exposure. Healthy diet. No smoking. Avoid excessive alcohol. Drink water. Get plenty of rest. Stay active and exercise. Use beneficial products and home-care. Get regular facials for skin maintenance. Avoid stress.


FRIDAY FAVORITE We all know her somehow, either through her Pinterest Page, Amazing Instagram photos, her blog, or her hair extension line! Influencer Amber Clark has total made us all feel ‘GOALS’. And that’s just what she wants; she wants us all to be inspired and be the best version of ourselves possible!! Here is how she started ” How and when I started ”  Amber Clark Here are some pictures of me

How I Get The Biggest Bang For My Buck

How I Get The Biggest Bang For My Buck Everyone wants to get the biggest bang for their buck, right? But, everywhere you look there is something saying “Purchase me” “No, buy me!” “Hey, I’m 50% off”. Lately I have been trying to spend my money more wisely than ever before with the products that I want. Of course, it’s always fun to splurge a little here and there, or

Damage Control At It’s Finest

I think I speak for everyone when I say “I have a love-hate relationship with my hair”. It’s inevitable, if you have long hair you want short hair; if you have curly hair you want straight hair. In my case, I have very course hair and would just like to be able to tame the beast!- actually, my cowlick’s name is ‘The Beast”- so I would just like to get

How I Feel About Benefit Cosmetics

How I Feel About Benefit Cosmetics For as long as I can remember makeup has always been a big deal to me. Not because I think I look ugly, but because I think it is so much fun to be adventurous and crazy (and relaxed/natural) when it comes to makeup. Pretty sure it started when I was about age 10 or 11- that would put my sister in her early teenage

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 For Halloween this year I decided to go as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s 💙 Here are some photos and prices. Four sheets of felt .39 each Gold Ribbons $6 Colorful/ Glitter beads $5 False Lashes $6 each Step One: Trace a templet-  Sleep mask 3 layers of Tiffany Blue felt, so I did this three times Step Two: Cute two sets of eyelids- Put the false lashes