D E S I   I V A N O V A ACTRESS ·  SCREEN/ PLAYWRIGHT ·  HYPNOTHERAPIST [one_half padding=”0px 0 0 10px”]   My origin is half Bulgarian, half Georgia but since I’ve lived in different countries (from birth) and speak multiple languages, it’s hard to identify with one particular nation, therefore I humbly consider myself to be a Citizen of the World. I come from a family (generations) of

Eucalyptus Chandelier

Ever since moving to Arizona I am obsessed with wanting to have guests over at the apartment. Call me lonely, I call it wanting to be hospitable 😅 This weekend my aunts are coming to visit with me and Sean. They have been on a 10 day west coast road trip and are ending vacation with us. How amazing is that!! I wanted to make the apartment nice ( I think


Every year for the past three years Sean and I go to Moab, Utah (that’s where Arches and Canyon Lands National Parks are) We don’t go for the parks; we go because one of Sean’s favorite hobbies is taking the Jeep out into the mountains. Moab has some of the best off roading paths out there, some of them that we both refuse to go on ever again (we’ve learned

A · F U N · S W E A T E R

Nothing too much to say about this sweater, just thought I would have fun posting these photos 🙂 I think wrap clothing is so cute and totally trending right now! This sweater can be worn on or off the shoulder as well, which I live for because I’m always cold! [one_half padding=”0px 20px 0 0″]   [/one_half] [one_half_last padding=”0px 20px 0 0″] [/one_half_last] A big shout out to the guy

C A N A D A Butchart Gardens

[one_half padding=”0px 20px 0 0″] [/one_half] [one_half_last padding=”0px 20px 0 0″]     Butchart Gardens was so much fun. It was so great to be around nature all day and to see how different areas around the world use flowers to showcase their culture.  Parking wasn’t that bad, it super organized. There were restaurants and cafeteria style food court to eat at, which is nice because we had a big

C A N A D A pt1

My first trip to Canada so was much fun! We, Sean’s family, went to British Victoria Island, explored a lot and made great memories. [one_half padding=”0px 20px 0 0″] [/one_half] [one_half_last padding=”0px 20px 0 0″] This is China Town. It was cool to see all the little shops and of course, culture. Tourist trap? Maybe, but worth a look. [/one_half_last] [one_half padding=”0px 20px 0 0″] [/one_half] [one_half_last padding=”0px 20px 0


  I wanted to take this chance to show you guys my new favorite sunglasses! The shape, price point and versatile places they can be worn makes it all worth it! ❤️ SUNGLASSES   [one_half padding=”0px 20px 0 0″]   [/one_half] [one_half_last padding=”0px 20px 0 0″] [/one_half_last]


How is it already April of 2019?! I hope that everyone is pleased with how their year has been spent so far. Maybe you have accomplished some New Year resolution, or at least headed in that direction?! Have you had any lows? Are you searching for the positives? Let me know in the comment section down below. As for me, I am kind of coasting through the year. If you


STYLE OF THE DAY  SHOP SETTLEMENT & BAREFOOT BLONDE HAIR Thanks for dropping in my little piece of the world today! I did an INSTAGRAM LIVE  about my outfit the other day, but wanted to share it here so that you may refer back to it if you want to 🙂 My earrings and top are from Shop Settlement. The earrings, I have paired with multiple different styles of outfits: casual->


We are ready for the zoo! But, first… The Golden Gate Bridge!! Okay, now on to the zoo. I’m really sad I wasn’t able to get a pick with a giraffe 🙁 but, I have a vid on HERE if you would like to see more from the zoo! OUTFIT DETAILS: Sweater and jewls is from Shein. Pants and top from PacSun


Anatomy Being in esthetics school is teaching me way more than just using products on skin and hair. It’s teaching me about contact. There are so many career options where human touch is a sensitive matter, or prohibited at all times. But, being a professional esthetician is all about being close and personal with other people. It’s a raw but pure engagement between two people. One seeking help and one

Lake Powell, Arizona – Birthday Part 2

Lake Powell, Arizona – Birthday Part 2 Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I went camping there last summer for the first time and COULD NOT believe how gorgeous the environment there was! The best part about this trip was that I would be there for my birthday! (Yes, I already made a blog post about my 25th birthday party last week. lol) I