Welcome to The Desert Babe! My name is Morgan Ann and this is my visual diary. This blog started out as a bridge for my long distance family. I am from Kentucky but have lived in Southern Utah for the last 3 years, then moved to Arizona a year ago. TDB has turned into a space where I can treasure memories forever and inspire others to travel and expand themselves.

Since moving out of Kentucky:

A. Finished esthetics school

B. Got a job working as an esthetics teacher and working at a very popular spa

C. Fallen in love.


TEN THINGS (Just for fun)

1. I would pick cats over dogs any day

2. My current favorite shows are: This Is Us, Grace and Frankie, Great British Bake Off

3. Got a new 4RUNNER

4. I am THE WORST at scaring people

5. I’ve dipped into YouTube a little. I like making videos, it’s more for memories and not for subs. You can check them out in the menu bar above

6. I LOVE watching makeup tutorials, but hardly wear makeup

7. Obsessed with skincare everything. Like I said above, I’m an esthetician. Therefore, I am a licensed skincare professional who can assist your skin care needs from the cellular level. You can purchase Professional Skincare from me HERE

8. I like to be in bed by 10… or 9:30

9. I workout 4-5 times a week

10. My birthday is in May


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