Tips & Tricks Part 2

I’m back with some Tip & Tricks to help you with your fitness training! As you know (Or now you will) I am training for the St. George, Utah full marathon. Hope all of this advice helps you like it helps me 🙂 Enjoy! Personal Habits: 1. Chapstick! It’s a must!! Take note that you will want a clear chapstick. My cherry flavored chapstick melted in my fanny pack and

Tip & Tricks for Running

Disclaimer: It’s not cute, but it’s effective! I am not a cute runner, I don’t wear makeup (except for the casual mascara that I’m too lazy to wipe off) I don’t wear expensive workout gear to sweat in, and my hair doesn’t have 20 pins in it to keep it looking fresh. I put my hair in a ponytail, and sometimes wear a headband, if not the ‘baby hair’ around my head

Vandenberg AFB, California

   In high school I played soccer against the ‘military brats’ at the Fort Knox Army post, once a season, in Kentucky, but other than that I hadn’t stepped on military grounds. And I never got to explore, only played the game and then left. (But, it was always supper cool when our bus would get checked by the guards, haha) Krista, one of my closest friends from my home

A New Journey. Part 4

Looking at the life of Jesus changes everything, it allows the heart to start making a real connection with Him. I feel like everyone is obsessed with the simple ‘You’re a sinner. Jesus died to save you from your sin. Resurrected to prove it, and hovered back up to Heaven… But you better act right because He’ll be back’ Yes, that’s true but it’s so… robotic. Where is the connect

A New Journey. Part 3

It’s all about perspective, right?  Imagery of the future can always be redirected based on past experiences, either through your own life, someone that you know,  something that you read, or by watching impactful  tv. For example, a  person who walks the streets wishes to afford bus fair or a bike, while the bike rider dreams of affording bus fair or any car. Ironically, the car owner is wishing for better gas

A New Journey. Part 2

It’s October 27th, 10:30am. I’m in a meeting with John P, my Pastor, to discuss a potential missions gift for the children in Honduras. He asked me how I found out about this great product and thus, my story continues: 📽 It’s the first day of the Denver trade show, and I’m ready to impress! Before it started the sponsors were being recognized from the Wagner plant, the host of

A New Journey

About the first week of September in 2015 I had (left) wrist surgery due to a ganglion cyst build up. From the pain scale of 1-10, I was a 10! 😖 I had put it off for too long because I didn’t want to miss work (UPS night shift), nonetheless it had to be done! After being off of work for a while my bank account was crumbling, the only