Bridesmaid: Duties & Don’ties

My friend and co worker Zoe asked me if I would be apart of her and Stefan’s wedding party and OF COURSE I said ‘Yes!’ I’m so excited and I can’t wait to start planning and collaborating with the other girls!! I have been to bachelorette parties, weddings, bridal showers and shopping trips but I have never actually been honored with the bridesmaid title, until now! So, the inspiration of this

My Must Haves, Fall 2016

Everyone has their own favorites they love to use, their own flaws that they love to perfect and their own style that they love to share. In this post I will share with you all some of my beauty secrets, you might be surprised! My Must Haves:  Johnson and Johnson Tear Free Baby Wash: Ya’ll, this stuff is awesome! Out of all the make up removers and face washes I

Lake Powell, Arizona

Where to start? Two Words: Breath taking! Another first for me since moving to Southern Utah…and to think I almost didn’t go! It took ten years for Lake Powell to get famous, 1956-1966. Although the lake started at Glen Canyon Dam, it’s four main water sources are The Colorado River, The Dirty Devil River, The Escalante River and The San Juan. Ranging anywhere around 186 miles with about 2,000 miles worth of shoreline,

Lashes, lashes and more lashes

LASHES, LASHES, AND MORE LASHES! Top lashes, bottom lashes, single lashes, full lashes. Starter kits, multipacks, lash curlers and serums. Small eyes, large eyes, trios and individuals. Deep set eyes, almond shaped eyes, runway eyes and much much more! Welcome all you lashionistas, I’m here to give you the scoop on the top 4 brands (that I believe) Ardell Lashes has to offer! Some of you might be thinking that


In February of this year my work announced a sponsorship for anyone who wanted to run the St. George, Utah marathon. Knowing that this would be good for many reasons, I called my Papaw, one of my best friends, to ask him about it… it turned into a challenge! Papaw Billy was a great runner back in the day, on most mornings he would run 10 miles and then work 10

Stages of Running Long Distance

Miles 1-3: “Oh, this is easy, I’m feeling so good this morning, that protein bar hit the spot! … Starting to sweat now; ope, it’s nothing, just a shin splint is all. I’m still making really good time!” Miles 4-6: “Okay, starting to breathe a little heavy now. Concentrate Morgan! … Why do these dogs still bark at me? I run by here all of the time. Ugh, here comes

Tips & Tricks Part 2

I’m back with some Tip & Tricks to help you with your fitness training! As you know (Or now you will) I am training for the St. George, Utah full marathon. Hope all of this advice helps you like it helps me 🙂 Enjoy! Personal Habits: 1. Chapstick! It’s a must!! Take note that you will want a clear chapstick. My cherry flavored chapstick melted in my fanny pack and

Tip & Tricks for Running

Disclaimer: It’s not cute, but it’s effective! I am not a cute runner, I don’t wear makeup (except for the casual mascara that I’m too lazy to wipe off) I don’t wear expensive workout gear to sweat in, and my hair doesn’t have 20 pins in it to keep it looking fresh. I put my hair in a ponytail, and sometimes wear a headband, if not the ‘baby hair’ around my head

Vandenberg AFB, California

   In high school I played soccer against the ‘military brats’ at the Fort Knox Army post, once a season, in Kentucky, but other than that I hadn’t stepped on military grounds. And I never got to explore, only played the game and then left. (But, it was always supper cool when our bus would get checked by the guards, haha) Krista, one of my closest friends from my home

A New Journey. Part 4

Looking at the life of Jesus changes everything, it allows the heart to start making a real connection with Him. I feel like everyone is obsessed with the simple ‘You’re a sinner. Jesus died to save you from your sin. Resurrected to prove it, and hovered back up to Heaven… But you better act right because He’ll be back’ Yes, that’s true but it’s so… robotic. Where is the connect

A New Journey. Part 3

It’s all about perspective, right?  Imagery of the future can always be redirected based on past experiences, either through your own life, someone that you know,  something that you read, or by watching impactful  tv. For example, a  person who walks the streets wishes to afford bus fair or a bike, while the bike rider dreams of affording bus fair or any car. Ironically, the car owner is wishing for better gas

A New Journey. Part 2

It’s October 27th, 10:30am. I’m in a meeting with John P, my Pastor, to discuss a potential missions gift for the children in Honduras. He asked me how I found out about this great product and thus, my story continues: 📽 It’s the first day of the Denver trade show, and I’m ready to impress! Before it started the sponsors were being recognized from the Wagner plant, the host of