Moab, Utah 401

This Moab, Utah post series is coming to an end! Graduation time! It was such a great week! Every single person that we came in contact with was so nice and informative. Moab really benefits from this week long event. The small businesses in town probably make the same amount of money in this one week that it takes them to make all year long.  The town isn’t much to

Moab, Utah 301

Moab, Utah, a place of beauty and stillness, except for when it’s Easter Jeep Safari week! (Took this photo when me and Sean were following this Jeep 😂) LETS EXTEND THIS FRIENDSHIP! facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Twitter

Moab, Utah 201

Morgan here, bringing you more love from Moab, Utah during the week of Easter Jeep Safari 2018! LETS EXTEND THIS FRIENDSHIP! facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Twitter

Moab, Utah 101

As promised, here are more pictures of our vacation to Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Also, just wanted to mention something that I posted on my Instagram a few weeks ago. One thing that I am starting to find out about taking pictures is that I LOVE how much the sun (and clouds) changes the landscape throughout the day! I feel like it allows me to experience my surroundings

Moab, Utah 099

One on the biggest, busiest weeks for America- Easter Jeep Safari. Located in Moab, Utah. People traveling all over the world to vacation in a little town filled with shoppes, restaurants, and most of all- trails to take your Jeep out! I’ve been to Moab once before but never during EJS, there were so many Jeeps EVERYWHERE I looked. The town was BOOMING with business! I was so happy to

Why We Chose A Vegan Diet

I have gotten a lot of questions (and little push back) about why we decided to change my diet to a vegan diet. It’s pretty hard explaining to others when only having about a ten second gap to answer (especially when my answer comes from a few different angles). We mostly chalk it up to ‘I’ve never felt better’, which is so true! But, my blog is the one outlet where

Canyon Exploring in Arizona

Antelope Canyon – Side Canyon – Rattlesnake Canyon Exploring new lands is becoming apart of my identity! I love it! My take away thoughts about this area: Our planet is BEAUTIFUL and worth preserving so future generations can experience the awe I got to.My tour guide was a native and he was telling us stories about his childhood. He used act like he was in the movie Trimmers. The rules were that


^ This picture is showing you how much room the bridge has to ‘breath’ with changing temperatures. (Because the bridge is all concrete)^ Hoover Dam, Nevada! Never in my life did I think the dam would be so cool! It wasn’t ever on my bucket list or anything! We almost didn’t go, and so glad that we did! I didn’t even know there was a bridge over the dam, I


Holy cow! I would have never thought there would be so much history with all of the old Las Vegas signs! Our tour guide was awesome! He knew everything that was going on when these signs were in their prime- from historical events, the mob, laws and regulations, and press/ celebrities. It does kind of look like a pile of junk, yes. But, it’s a cook pile of junk! Definitely


My blogging life went on a total halt when I started getting more involved in esthetics school in May. I made a few posts here and there, but once all the studying and longs days at school started taking over I had to make a decision. School became my priority and some might say that I don’t love writing if I was willing to give it a break, but I


Visiting Maker’s Mark during the holiday season. It was a gloomy, cold day but the tour was so much fun! Sean had never been, so we went on a double date with my parents. Just for some background story, my dad used to work at (not for) Maker’s Mark working on all the steel there. He was a welder/ copper smith. He was there for about 3 years working on