If you are caught up on the blog, and my Instagram, you know that my Dad flew over from Kentucky to come visit me a while back! Every morning we would have breakfast and talk about what we wanted to do for the day and how much fun the day before was. One morning my dad was talking about how he wants to see a ghost town so badly. I


There really isn’t anything that can compare to the Red Woods of California! This was Sean’s second time visiting since he was a child, but this was a first for me. Our Northern California road trip was so much fun! And this portion is something that I will never forget, but it be the hardest part to describe for people who have never been there. And since coming back from


We are ready for the zoo! But, first… The Golden Gate Bridge!! Okay, now on to the zoo. I’m really sad I wasn’t able to get a pick with a giraffe 🙁 but, I have a vid on HERE if you would like to see more from the zoo! OUTFIT DETAILS: Sweater and jewls is from Shein. Pants and top from PacSun


FINALLY!! I finally got to go on a Northern California road trip. For the longest time I have been begging Sean to go on a Norther, Mid, and Southern California road tip. One down- two to go! It was a long drive but it was SO worth it. We had the best time! We spent time in San Fran, going to the zoo, visiting the bridge, Lake Tahoe, driving down

Via Feratta Trail- Big Water, Utah

What can I say? Another adventure, another day! This was climb/hike was my first time with a rope! I have only ever gone bouldering and that was with Sean. This wasn’t advanced, however I learned a lot about how much I trust myself, the wind was super powerful! Hope you enjoy these snapshots as much as I do!

Shafer Trail, Utah

It turns out that Shafer Trail is an iconic trail in our nation. I wouldn’t have known that if a friend didn’t tell me about it. Ironically enough, she visited Moab, Utah (see earlier posts about my trip to Moab) the week before my vacation there. She was going to drive the trail while she was visiting but it was too late at night for the 20 mile tail, but insisted

Moab, Utah 401

This Moab, Utah post series is coming to an end! Graduation time! It was such a great week! Every single person that we came in contact with was so nice and informative. Moab really benefits from this week long event. The small businesses in town probably make the same amount of money in this one week that it takes them to make all year long.  The town isn’t much to

Moab, Utah 301

Moab, Utah, a place of beauty and stillness, except for when it’s Easter Jeep Safari week! (Took this photo when me and Sean were following this Jeep 😂) LETS EXTEND THIS FRIENDSHIP! facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Twitter

Moab, Utah 201

Morgan here, bringing you more love from Moab, Utah during the week of Easter Jeep Safari 2018! LETS EXTEND THIS FRIENDSHIP! facebook Instagram Youtube Pinterest Twitter

Moab, Utah 101

As promised, here are more pictures of our vacation to Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Also, just wanted to mention something that I posted on my Instagram a few weeks ago. One thing that I am starting to find out about taking pictures is that I LOVE how much the sun (and clouds) changes the landscape throughout the day! I feel like it allows me to experience my surroundings

Moab, Utah 099

One on the biggest, busiest weeks for America- Easter Jeep Safari. Located in Moab, Utah. People traveling all over the world to vacation in a little town filled with shoppes, restaurants, and most of all- trails to take your Jeep out! I’ve been to Moab once before but never during EJS, there were so many Jeeps EVERYWHERE I looked. The town was BOOMING with business! I was so happy to

Why We Chose A Vegan Diet

I have gotten a lot of questions (and little push back) about why we decided to change my diet to a vegan diet. It’s pretty hard explaining to others when only having about a ten second gap to answer (especially when my answer comes from a few different angles). We mostly chalk it up to ‘I’ve never felt better’, which is so true! But, my blog is the one outlet where