Hurst Clothing Photo Shoot

Hurst Clothing Photo Shoot Last week was a crazyyy fun! And here is the proof 🙂 Visit Hurst Clothing for more investment pieces that should be in your closet!

Wax Modalities

Wax Modalities Esthetician school had been absolutely satisfying. I have been learning SOOO much (which I feel like I will be repeating a lot lol) and can’t help but to share with you! Here are some fun things I have been learning about in school 🙂 Egyptian tombs, indicate that abrasive materials such as pumice stones were used to rub away hair.  (Greek and Roman women used similar methods) Native American

Learning Everyday

Learning Everyday Being in esthetics school means that I am learning something new everyday- things I didn’t even know existed! Here are some random fun facts from this week at school: Ten healthy habits for the skin: Avoid sun exposure. Healthy diet. No smoking. Avoid excessive alcohol. Drink water. Get plenty of rest. Stay active and exercise. Use beneficial products and home-care. Get regular facials for skin maintenance. Avoid stress.

Lake Powell, Arizona – Birthday Part 2

Lake Powell, Arizona – Birthday Part 2 Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I went camping there last summer for the first time and COULD NOT believe how gorgeous the environment there was! The best part about this trip was that I would be there for my birthday! (Yes, I already made a blog post about my 25th birthday party last week. lol) I