Wax Modalities

Wax┬áModalities Esthetician school had been absolutely satisfying. I have been learning SOOO much (which I feel like I will be repeating a lot lol) and can’t help but to share with you! Here are some fun things I have been learning about in school ­čÖé Egyptian tombs, indicate that abrasive materials such as pumice stones were used to rub away hair. ┬á(Greek and Roman women used similar methods) Native American

Lake Powell, Arizona – Birthday Part 2

Lake Powell, Arizona┬á– Birthday Part 2 Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I went camping there last summer for the first time and COULD NOT believe how gorgeous the environment there was! The best part about this trip was that I would be there for my birthday! (Yes, I already made a blog post about my 25th birthday party last week. lol) I

A New Chapter – No A New Book

A New Chapter – No A New Book Ugh, so sorry that I have been a little MIA… You would think with this exciting news I’m about to tell you that I would have already told you already!! When I started my blog I had a goal to be in business for myself, with the service of helping others, but it does take a long time to get a blog