Sean and I have been living in Arizona for about 2 months now. We love it so far. There are so many restaurants to try, events to go to, and places to see; we can’t wait to explore more! Some things that we do differently from living in Southern Utah is that we have started walking a lot. Mostly because we are much closer to everything (we also don’t want


Since the move I haven’t had a lot of motivation to ‘do anything’ with myself. (Also, my mom made a comment about how I never do my hair sooo) Sean and I decided to go spend a day exploring Tempe, Arizona. And dang it, I did something with myself. Ironically enough, this is a sweater that my mom got me for Christmas. It’s from American Eagle. And I LOVE it!


Holy crap a lot has been going on! And I wanted to share with you, my online family. Sean got a new job and we have moved from Saint George, UT to Tempe, AZ! It all happened so fast! I’m glad that I am getting out of my comfort zone more and more every day. The apartment we got is beautiful and meets all of our needs. Well almost, I